Cyber Safety Pledge

“Each year number of children that are online keep increasing, and with the fall of Covid-19 pandemic, Internet has proved to be the most crucial and effective platform to at least help effect the life as we have known it before, be it work meetings or school.

Unfortunately, with all the good things Internet is promising the mankind, there are some downfalls, the major one being safety online.

We propose the below pledge for kids when using the internet:

Cyber Safety Pledge

  1. I will avoid giving out any personal details, such as my name, address, phone number, email, password, or school name.
  2. I will avoid opening emails, files, or web pages from people I don’t know or trust.
  3. I will always check with an adult before downloading.
  4. I will never respond to strangers online.
  5. I will tell an adult if something or someone online makes me feel uncomfortable, scared or confused.
  6. I will tell an adult if anyone online asks to meet me in person.
  7. I will block unwanted communication.
  8. I will remember that the posted information cannot be deleted.
  9. I will always think before I post.
  10. I will use privacy settings on social media sites.
  11. I will avoid sending any pictures of myself to a stranger.
  12. I will ask permission before posting photos of other people on social media platforms.”

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